Bangla Committee Meeting

Koru Kenya is working to capacity build the the Bangladesh Business Network (BBN) to create it's own complementary currency. The committee of the met today to work on it's draft constitution, membership registration process and next general meeting.

The meeting was held at St Mary's Secondary school with the attendance of: James Ochieng (Treasurer) representing Mens' Business, Sylvia Osodo (Vice Chairperson) representing Elders' Business, Alfred Sigo (Chairperson) representing Youths' Business, Emma Onyongo (Vice Secretary) representing Womens' Business, Rose Oloo (Secretary) representing Community Health Workers' Business.

After corrections and translations to kiswahili the comittee will meet again on the 23rd to begin work on registration, targeting 200 business. The Committee also decided on a second community for control group data collection to compare to their own called Gana Hola roughly 30 minutes away by foot.