Tiwi Orphans Visit


This visit is different, we sat down to eat together and had a frank chat. Am grateful

The Koru team visited a village in Tiwi, which had mobilized 21 orphans to share a meal and life stories. The 4 hours visit was supported by Koru, organized by the community health workers who requested for the support.

Before lunch, introduction was done and stories like the ones below, had to be told, for climatization.

Am 13 years old girl, I live with my 5 siblings. Our parents died of HIV and 'Nyanya' or grandmother is taking care of us. Nyanya wakes up very early in the morning to make breakfast for sale. This is helping 3 of us to go to school but currently, we were chased out of school. Nyanya has to pay for a loan that she took before we go back to school.

I don't know my age, was chased out of primary school because am epileptic and I was told that I scare other kids. I clean people's houses and wash clothes. I cannot cook though. I wish I would go back to school but its sounds impossible. Am interested with starting a small food selling business to help my grandmother, my brother will also go back to school.

Community Service is a central part of our work. This is the time to listen to sincere community burdens. Participatory approaches, through the community's effort will be facilitated by Koru to ensure that strategies that make sense are implemented. Walk with us.

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