unSafari 2023

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Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Indigenous Mutual Aid practices using blockchain technology: 18-24 September, 2023. This is when the unSafari is set to take place in Kenya, and we wholeheartedly invite you to be part of this unique event.

Traditionally, a Safari in Kenya has been seen as an elite activity, a chance to observe the stunning wildlife of Africa up close. However, the true essence of this region goes far beyond its majestic fauna. The people, the communities, the culture, and now, the innovative technology, all contribute to the heart of Kenya. The cost of a safari trip, while seemingly innocuous for tourists, represents months to years of income for most Kenyans. This stark contrast has often led to the sidelining of local communities and their efforts, something we aim to correct with our unSafari initiative.

The unSafari aims to challenge this elitist perspective by integrating and highlighting the efforts of local communities in Kenya, particularly in the realm of blockchain technology. We want to showcase their pioneering efforts in blockchain integration and economic commons, using the Celo blockchain. By joining us, you will gain firsthand experience and knowledge about how these communities are implementing ERC20 blockchain-based digital vouchers using USSD technology to affect economic change and revive indigenous practices. This unSafari is not just about seeing, but about learning, interacting, and making a difference.

This event promises to be more than just a Safari; it's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant Kenyan culture and community. It's about seeing the power of blockchain technology in action, where it's making real differences in people's lives. You'll have the chance to interact with local blockchain vouchers from community members, participate in indigenous Mwerya (rotational mutual aid), and witness how technology and tradition are intertwined in these communities.

The unSafari is a journey into the heart of community, innovation, and technology. It's about understanding how the power of blockchain is not limited to high-rise offices, unicorn startups or financial districts, but has the potential to reach the grassroots and empower communities.

So, come join us in Kenya this September. Experience the fusion of tradition and technology. Witness the true power of blockchain. Feel the vibrancy of the local communities. And most importantly, be a part of this change. The unSafari is an experience you'll never forget, one where you'll truly feel like you've seen blockchain in use for the first time.

Join the unSafari!


An unSafari with OneProject.org with Muugano Elders Community Group

Visit real communities using blockchain on a daily basis in urban and rural Kilifi - including mesh networks, community inclusion currencies and economic commons.

Come see how Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs) work in urban settings where indigenous practices are being revived using blockchain interoperability, transparency and accountability. Each day will include both training on CICs as well as community visits for traditional work parties.

unSafari Schedule 2023 happening in two locations in Kenya!

September 16th - 27nd:

  • Nairobi urban CICs

  • Kilifi peri-urban and rural CICs


  1. Please RSVP and mention your interest for each day, so we can plan for local transport and boxed lunches. [email protected] also WhatsApp us +254757628885
  2. Transport to our Grassroot Economics headquarters (HQ) - near Supreme Petrol Station, south of Kilifi bridge. Call or whatsapp us for directions +254757628885
  3. Please get a Safaricom sim card - this will be used to access blockchain based vouchers.
  4. While these events will be free of charge we recommend bringing flour from local stores or donations via crypto to support the cause